The Little Things Count

The set up at Wellington.

The set up at Wellington.

Relaxing at Wellington

Relaxing at Wellington

In preparing for this trip we needed to get me used to camping..I call it Glamping (hard floor camper). With mum in a home now we don’t have a permanent residence to stay at in Orange so the camper has been very handy. We do from time to time stay with rellies but we like to be independent.

We have bought a heater for the cold winter nights and we have a fantastic sleeping bag that wraps around the mattress and is so warm. It is quite cosy inside the camper, I don’t have any interior photos to show at the moment, will fix that though.

Last year we stayed at Hargraves, several times, with our good friends Leonie and Jeff on a beautiful spot on their property just outside Mudgee. We love going out there with them it is so relaxing. We eat ,drink , sleep, play and then do it all over again. We also stayed at Wellington Caves after leaving Mudgee last winter, July and then stayed at Trunkey Creek, where it was minus four and took till 9.30am to thaw out the camper so that we could pack it up. It was freezing that night but very warm in the camper with four of us.

At Trunkey Creek

At Trunkey Creek

I am getting used to cooking with the camper kitchen. We have a very good set up and are still organising it for the trip. We gained a lot of mum’s utensils and towels to set us up and got ourselves a baby q as well. The camper came with a radio in it and we are able to hook up the ipad to it and listen to our own music. Murray has put in extra lighting and power outlets so we can charge everything in both the car and trailer. Murray is currently fixing up the electricals for the trip to incorporate solar. We have to get a shower yet but have the tent and porta loo. We are getting there and will be organised by June.

We prefer to stay at the Blayney Tourist Park these days and have enjoyed some lovely meals at the Royal Hotel in Blayney. We take mum to lunch when she is well enough and have tried lots of new places in and around Orange. We have met some great people on our little trips, a sign of things to come.

At Blayney Tourist Park. Bit wet then and cool.

At Blayney Tourist Park. Bit wet then and cool.

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2 Responses to The Little Things Count

  1. We’ve got the same camp chairs! Love them – soooooo comfy! You guys sound like you are well set up! We want a baby q!


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