As a child my interest in cooking was minimal. I preferred to eat the proceeds. Mum would cook cakes on weekends and I would help, I always licked the beaters and mixed the icing, and of course ate the cakes. They were the best.

In later life, ie teenage years, I had to do cooking as a subject at high school and I disliked it intensely (I don’t like the word “hate”), hence I didn’t do very well. When Murray and I got engaged my gran decided I needed to learn some old fashioned recipes and master the art of making rissoles, which I did with flying colours, and we now eat them at least once a week.

I learnt a lot from Grannie and Mum over the years and even taught them some new things, like spaghetti bolognaise, lasagne and tacos, which became household favourites at Dalton Street, Orange and are popular in Polock Crescent, Albion Park with my own family now.

Anyway, I am now enjoying cooking immensely and regularly experiment with something new, be it a main meal or something sweet. I have been successful in a small venture of mine called Leanne’s Country Classics and my fudge, which I have come to perfect has made a name for itself and is sold at Fountaindale Grand Manor in Robertson in the highlands of the Illawarra and will hopefully go further. I take regular orders for Christmas and Easter. I have even made wedding bombonaires of chocolates and some birthday cakes for special birthdays.

I can actually say I love cooking with a smile on my face now. So with no further adieu I will show you the baking extravaganza I had for Easter this year to enjoy in Orange with mum.

Chicken Polpette

Chicken Polpette

Boiled fruitcake for Murray's birthday

Boiled fruitcake for Murray’s birthday

Hot Cross  Buns

Hot Cross Buns

Chocolate slice

Chocolate slice

Raspberry, pear and coconut bread

Raspberry, pear and coconut bread

The food was great and the weekend was perfect. Will post Easter next.

About Leanne

Traveller, Cook, Blogger, Teacher's Aide, Swimmer, Mother, Wife and yoga lover. Now retired and enjoying me time.
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4 Responses to Cooking…yuck!

  1. Oh I wish I loved to cook!! I am rather partial to baking the yummy stuff but when it comes to cooking i am very boring!! Your goodies for the weekend away looked delish! I’d love a post with the raspberry, pear and coconut bread recipe please!


  2. Leonie says:

    You are a wiz in the kitchen Leanne! Master chef of baked goodies! 😛


  3. Beth says:

    You need a link with the recipes too Leanne!!


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