Easter 2014

As you know from my last post we went to Orange for Easter with mum, hence all the cooking.

The weather was perfect for the trip. We went up on Thursday via Goulburn, Crookwell, Tuena, Trunkey Creek and other little towns, then on into Blayney.  We stopped for lunch at a lovely little rest area about 10kms outside Goulburn called Derreck VC. We had lunch there, and often do on the way up because it’s so pretty and quiet.

As we drove through the back roads we decided it was time to use the Aldi chainsaw and get some firewood for the new fire Murray made.  I found these two pieces with some sort of fungus on them which fascinated me because of their vibrant colour. The chainsaw did the job many times over the weekend.

Wood for the fire.

Wood for the fire.

As usual we stayed at the Blayney Tourist Park on our usual site. We set up just in time for happy hour and the fire was christened.  Murray made the fire out of a 15kg gas bottle, it still needs a door on it but it kept us very warm.  So with wine in hand and a beer in Murray’s we sat down and relaxed.

The drive to and from Orange each day is entertaining as we drive past some pretty big bulls at the Angus studs outside Blayney.  This photo doesn’t do this fellow justice because it was late afternoon and he was in the shadows but believe me when I say he is BIG in every way.

The big fellow.

The big fellow.

We had beautiful fish(from here of course) and chips with mum and Aunty Helen on Good Friday which we all enjoyed. The boys didn’t arrive until Friday night so they missed out.  This is the first time the boys have come on the trip to Blayney and we were excited to share our experience with them.  It was a very happy hour that night by the fire. Even though we had the fire it was still pretty cool and I had about four layers of clothing on. Temperatures got down to 2 overnight but the days were 16/18 and fine. The boys slept In their little old tent so they were pretty cosy at night.

We spent some time shopping but most of our days were spent with mum which she loved. She hadn’t seen the boys since Christmas so she was very happy to have time with them. We had lunch on Easter Sunday at The Old Mill Cafe in Millthorpe.  The food was great.  The boys headed home after lunch but we stayed on till Monday.  Another great weekend was had with lots of washing when we got home.

We had a Happy Easter and I hope you all enjoyed yours too. Xo

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1 Response to Easter 2014

  1. Linda Patrikka says:

    Love your blog Frosty!! Great to see you had a Happy Easter. You guys look snug as bugs in your camper and are certainly well prepared for The Big One. XO 🙂


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