The entrance to Orange

Vibrant colours.

Vibrant colours.


Autumn, the most colourful time of year.

I know you all think I am the advocate for Orange, but Autumn really is the prettiest time there.  The streets are lined with beautiful trees of red, orange and yellow at this time of year. The colours truly are magnificent. It is starting to cool off with some light, early morning frosts but the days are still beautiful.

This post is to show off  the beauty of Orange with a few photos Murray took over the Mother’s Day weekend. Sit back and enjoy the many colours of Orange and the Central West.

Cook Park showed off  the splendour of a carpet of leaves as usual.

The gardens at Ascott Gardens where mum lives are a pleasure to spend time in.

Of course, I couldn’t complete this post without this beautiful nighttime shot of Wentworth Mine at Lucknow.

Wentworth Mine, Lucknow.

Wentworth Mine, Lucknow

I love my hometown.

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2 Responses to Autumn

  1. Missed this post somehow! Beautiful, beautiful photos! Oh I miss Autumn – no such thing up here! I would love to visit Orange someday – it looks a lot like Armidale and I loved it there!

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