Good Times.

It was nice to stop for a few days in Murwillumbah. The washing was caught up with and we actually felt like we were on holidays. Saturday, 14th was moving on day. We headed to Robina, a couple of hours away, and another family night with my cousin Patricia and her family, and cousin John and his family. We stayed in Tricia’s house this night which was a pleasant change from the camper.

Along the way to Tricia’s we made a few stops to sightsee. The Macadamia Castle looked interesting and I love macadamias, so we called in, used the toilets, met someone from Wollongong, had a quick look and left, it was all too expensive.

Onto Patricia’s. Robina is a pretty place and we enjoyed a picnic by a little pond with some ducks. The night time entertainment was hilarious at Tricia’s, my sides were hurting from all the laughing. It was certainly nice to be back in touch with some family which I have not had face to face contact with for twenty years and also to meet new family members. A fantastic night, great food and excellent company.

After a refreshing sleep, Tricia gave us a survival of pack of her homemade biscuits and we headed north to Kenilworth where the plan was to spend the next three nights.

Wild Horse Mountain lookout stood out on the horizon just outside Nambour, so we decided to take a look. This lookout was up a very steep hill, 700m climb and when I say steep I mean STEEP, it gave the legs and butt a good workout. Once at the top though it was amazing, almost breathtaking. Everything near and far was so picturesque. The Glasshouse Mountains were beautiful. Another selfie was taken, getting good at those, then it was back down the slope and on the road again.

More soon, cheers x

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Traveller, Cook, Blogger, Teacher's Aide, Swimmer, Mother, Wife and yoga lover. Now retired and enjoying me time.
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