Kenilworth, The Gem of The Hinterland.

After a short trip up the road we arrived, around 3.30pm Sunday afternoon, in Kenilworth. The show grounds are set in a beautiful little county town in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Setting up camp was easy as the whole area was flat as a tack. There were plenty of other Grey Nomads who were only too happy to have a chat. The toilets and showers were a decent walk each time but were clean and a good meeting place. Temperatures did drop quite low overnight with early morning fog rolling in but we were comfortable.

The Main Street was a picture in itself. The town was established in the 1850s and the shop fronts told a story. Monday morning we took a quick walk up the street and decided the Cheese Factory was worth a look. It was heaven tasting all the different cheeses and yoghurts. After making our purchases we headed back to camp, organised happy hour with our neighbours, read our booklets from the information centre and set off to investigate Maleny for the day.


The drive was just beautiful. We pulled up at the Bellbird Cafe just to hear the bellbirds song throughout the rainforest. The road meandered in and out of the freshness of the rain forests as we made our way to the Figtree Walk at Yabba Creek. This was another amazing walk as we wandered through the rainforest to the spot of this massive Figtree where another selfie was taken, bit more romantic this time, then off to Maleny.

Maleny was bigger than we thought and there was so much to see but I think we conquered it all quite well. After wandering up and down the hilly main street we stopped at “Sweets On Maple” and tasted some amazing fudges. There was lemon meringue pie, banana cream pie, salted caramel, choc mint, cappuccino and the list went on, so of course we tried a few, I had to compare to mine. They were smooth and tasty. I made sure I bought some to take to Grandad. The bakery drew Murray in for a pie which he enjoyed as we sat and watched the hubbub of the street pass us by.

Our next stop was for some more cheese tasting at the Maleny Cheese Factory. The factory floor was being washed so we had missed seeing the making of these amazing cheeses but the tasting was yum. More purchases were made and then we set off for the Botanic Gardens and Bird Aviary.

This place was awesome. The gardens were huge on a ten hectare property overlooking the Glasshouse Mountains. Words cannot explain this place so the photos will do that. Part of this garden is also a huge bird aviary where we met some gorgeous feathery characters, from huge macaws to tiny finches. I think if our birds see the photos they will get very jealous. This place is privately owned and built so it costs to enter but it is well worth every penny spent.

Back in Kenilworth it was time to stoke the fire and settle into a nice wine with some lovely cheeses and good company with our neighbours, Rod and Lyn, and with a beautiful sunset to set the scene.


This was day one of an awesome place for an adventure. Till tomorrow, cheers x.

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