Meeting Interesting People

Tuesday morning was the beginning of an interesting day and night. The washing needed to be caught up again and the weather was perfect. Murray made some washing lines for me and it was all done before ten.

A surprise visit from niece Kate was lovely. A chat and a laugh over a cuppa and some pumpkin scones was enjoyed by us all. We even face timed with Grandma and grandad on the ipad which they loved.

Kate and her Uncle Murray

Kate and her Uncle Murray

Murray and I then set off to complete the other half of the loop from Kenilworth to Mapleton to Montville. Once again we drove through some beautiful countryside. Kondalilla Falls was the walk for us, 2.5km, but it was not a straightforward walk. This walk took us up and down many times and had plenty of steps leading down to the falls which had to be climbed on the way back. All was worth it when we spotted the falls though. The climb back out was once again a great workout and of course it was all within a rainforest setting.

Next we drove into Montville, another pretty town, very touristy though. Lots of little adorned the streets, more fudges to taste too and purchase. Grandad is going to love me. We settled for a gelato at a delightful little Italian pizzeria. It was refreshing and well deserved after our workout both in the rainforest and in the streets of Montville which were very hilly.

As Kate lives at Nambour, about half hour drive from Mapleton, we decided to meet her at the Mapleton Tavern for dinner. We were early so spent some time in the bar meeting some locals. The bar was decked out in all it’s maroon colours ready for the State of Origin night on Wednesday (tomorrow). They are holding it on the deck and having a live band, Sheez Jake. Could be a big night there , I think. One gentleman in the bar was the local poet, John Major who is often on the ABC Radio reciting poetry. He was a real gentleman and it was a pleasure to listen to him. He also did well on the night winning $1800 on the pokies. Another local man at the bar, Ted, 81, bit of a character too, could spin a good yarn, played some beautiful tunes for us on his harmonica. All in all a very interesting bunch.

The tavern was a quaint little place and even though a quiet night it became quite busy both in the bar and restaurant. Waiting for our meals became very interesting as an elderly lady at another table had a turn. Murray and I jumped into first aid mode and assisted the two daughters in helping their mum. It appeared she was having some sort of heart turn as she had had two previously. It was very upsetting and distressing for the daughters and for her. Once the ambulance arrived we stepped aside and let the professionals take over but we kept a close watch over the daughters, who were more than grateful to us. We still managed to enjoy our meals and night with Kate. Always a story to tell when you visit somewhere new.

Another great day and evening in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. We will be moving on tomorrow to free camp at the Boyne River just outside Gladstone.

So for now it’s so long and to all the Queenslanders out there…GO THE BLUES!!

About Leanne

Traveller, Cook, Blogger, Teacher's Aide, Swimmer, Mother, Wife and yoga lover. Now retired and enjoying me time.
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2 Responses to Meeting Interesting People

  1. Jan & John says:

    Hi there, All sounds great and the photos are wonderful. Almost like we are travelling with you.
    Happy Birthday Leanne 19/6. I tried your mobile number, thought we could catch you for your birthday. Perhaps you were out of range or 6pm you might have been out for a birthday dinner. Love to you both till next time J&J xx


  2. Beth says:

    Wow some very interesting times Murray and Leanne!! Enjoying reading of your adventures!!


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