One More Stop Before Malanda.

Monday 23rd June, back on the road again. Never again will we pick a spot in the shade under a melaleuca tree. Messy. Anyway, all clean, packed and ready to head to Townsville for an overnighter with Murray’s brother John and wife Maree. No photos to add here, was a big night obviously or we forgot to take any.

Not much to tell today except that we were on the road most of the day. Long, straight roads with not a lot to see except the bush. We did pull up in a pretty little town called Ayr and went for our daily walk. After having some gelato for a late lunch, about 3ish, we were back on the road. It was lovely to arrive in Townsville to catch up with John and Maree for the night. A night out of the camper was refreshing.

Tuesday, 24th homeward bound to Malanda to spend some quality time with Murray’s parents Rus and Gladys. It’s 28 degrees today and the sun is shining.

Our experience for today was the Tyto Wetlands in Ingham, where I gave Murray the best amusement of the trip, so he says. I’m a bit of a timid little thing when it comes to certain wildlife, I scare easily. Every little noise in the reeds or sudden movement of something in the grass I was on Murray’s back almost. Even more so after coming across a sign which read, “Crocodiles inhabit this area”, this almost did my head in. I quickly attached myself to Murray’s belt in case he ran off without me and jumped at everything. Murray found this hilarious and revved me up every chance he got talking about snakes, areas that were flattened in the reeds like something huge had rolled in it or pointing out that something big had been across the path before us. I honestly couldn’t wait to be out of there. Returning to the car was a godsend.

It has been a real adventure on our trip so far. Meeting so many lovely people along the way, seeing places we’ve never been, revisiting old haunts and having so much fun together. Can’t wait for the next part of our experience in Malanda.

Cheers xo

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