What a free camp.

Last night was spent in a very picturesque spot and it was free. Cumberland Historic Mine Site is 20km west of Georgetown. This is an old gold mining site. It is situated near a billabong full of magpie geese, water lilies, brolgas and maybe a croc or two, which we did not spot, thank goodness.

Set up was quick and easy. No sooner had we finished when our neighbour came to introduce himself. It was just lovely to meet Dennis and his wife, Wendy who quickly invited us to happy hour at their site. Quite a few of the other campers came too, Cheryl and Robert, Karen and Des, Katrina and David. We had a fantastic evening with them all talking and laughing. Everyone had their own story.

This morning, Friday, after swapping emails and numbers with our new found friends we set off for Karumba. I thought yesterday’s roads were straight and narrow in places, today’s were continuously long and the further west we went the less we saw on the landscape. We pulled up in a quaint little town called Croydon, an historic mining town where we checked out the toilets and information centre. Next we set off for Normanton. More long roads with not much in between towns except Brahman cattle, road kill, and plenty of big eagles, hawks and brolgas. We even saw a slow old goanna trying to become road kill.

In Normanton we pulled up at a shady little park, it was 1pm and the temperature was 30 degrees, so the shade was welcome to have lunch in. The attraction here was a statue of a crocodile which was killed in the local Norman River area by a woman. It was 8.63 metres long. This happened back in July 1957. Thank goodness he’s not around in my time. Off we go again to Karumba, only 79 km to go.


We arrived in Karumba around 3pm, setup camp at the Karumba Point Caravan Park, had a cuppa then set off for some sight seeing before the magic sunset from the point. Lots of character in this town and it wasn’t as little as we thought. The local fish and chip shop Ash’s was popular, so we bought our dinner here. I had barramundi and Murray had king salmon, both delicious. We grabbed our chairs and headed down to where the river meets the Gulf of Carpentaria and the horizon seems endless and enjoyed the peace and quiet with our dinner which was divine and so was the sunset.

Currently we are having phone problems, can’t get network connection, so we went back to Ash’s for some wifi and an icecream. We met some more southerners here from Moruya, down our way, who were also having phone hiccups and are with southern phone like us. Hopefully we can do something to correct this issue tomorrow. If anyone is trying to ring us at all you may not get us at this stage. We can check emails if we get free wifi. May have to go back to the old public phone, ancient.

We head to Cloncurry tomorrow, Saturday and then onto Mt Isa or Winton on Sunday.

Until I can get connection again it’s cheers from us. Xo

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Traveller, Cook, Blogger, Teacher's Aide, Swimmer, Mother, Wife and yoga lover. Now retired and enjoying me time.
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4 Responses to What a free camp.

  1. Leonie says:

    Great photos Leanne. What a great trip!


  2. Frederick Morris says:

    We are following your blog, you’ll be pleased to know.


  3. Jan & John says:

    Hi there, Wonderful to keep reading your news and checking out all the photos. Good that the boys could be with you and their grandparents. We are packing our bags tonight and fly to Munich tomorrow to start our holiday. We have been extra busy with Craig and his wife Marie here this week for his birthday. So the packing was put on hold. A hair cut today and John doing final tuning for our garden watering system everything hopefully will be OK while we are away. I am still having a lot of problems with my back, hip and leg and hopefully with a little less stress it will improve and not be a problem while we are away. We will try to send you email updates while we are away, keep safe and well on the remainder of your journey, Love to you both J&J


  4. Great photos – especially the sunset ones at the Cumberland Mine site!


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