Things I Didn’t Blog About.

* We had our first roo experience when we left Mt Surprise after our weekend of fossicking, we narrowly missed a small roo which tried to take us out. He just fitted under the bar. He would have needed a change of undies for sure.

* Only ten minutes down the road from this we saw a huge eagle devouring a very large roo on the side of the road. He was solid as, his legs were full of muscle. He had the biggest, glaring eyes. It gave us the look, “Come too close and you’re next.” I think he would have done us some damage if we stopped to take a photo which we didn’t, wouldn’t have liked him to have hit the windscreen. Some of them have wingspans of 2m or more.

* When a sign says “river” or “creek” it doesn’t always mean water. It is so dry up here not many crossings have had water for a while and the land is very dusty.

* My skin looks like crocodile scales, it has also dried out so much and gets itchy. Each day I rub cocoa butter in to feel human again. I think I’ll stop using my nose, too as it just dries up each day and blowing it doesn’t help that weird feeling inside it cause it’s too dry.

* Hawks see us coming and think they can leave it till the last minute to take off from their prey which leaves Murray ducking for cover inside the car at times.

* Meeting people at free camps is the best as they are so friendly and welcoming.

* Termites build thousand of anthills up here and they aren’t just little ones.

* I’ve been told that the half bitumen roads I talk about are actually narrow bitumen roads or one lane highways and they are labelled development roads on maps. Thanks Garth.

Cheers. Xo

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Traveller, Cook, Blogger, Teacher's Aide, Swimmer, Mother, Wife and yoga lover. Now retired and enjoying me time.
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3 Responses to Things I Didn’t Blog About.

  1. daflee says:

    Some of those things ring so true.

    P.S We had a lovely time at Clem Walton Park. Warrick and Stef, Tony and Irene and the others were so nice, but they couldn’t you guys…… LOL


  2. Stewart says:

    … still laughing – especially love the title of this post !!


  3. The dry skin thing while camping is the worst!


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