Cloncurry to Winton.

Leaving our camp today was bittersweet, we were on the next leg of our journey which was exciting but we were leaving our new friends, unsure of when or if we would see them again. Our trip began without much talking. Once we reached Cloncurry we picked up some bread. We headed of town to a little information centre and museum for a mine called Mary Kathleen. After a quick look around and some brochure collection we were on our way.

Next town, 93km along the way was McKinlay where we came across the Walkabout Hotel where the filming of Crocodile Dundee took place. This was an interesting little place. Lots of nostalgia, even the toilets had character and the staff were friendly.

A further 80km along is another little town, Kynuna. This place consists of about a dozen homes, a Police station, 2 van parks and The Blue Heeler Hotel. Off to Winton, 159km to go.

60km outside Winton we pulled over to take some photos of some fascinating rock formations. Little domes were all around. Some had little top knots of trees, others were just all rock. Unusual to say the least.


Winton is the Dinosaur capital of Australia, home of Waltzing Matilda and Queensland’s Boulder Opal. Tonight we are staying at Tattersalls Hotel Van Park in Winton and having dinner at the Hotel. By staying at the park you get two free drinks, wine and beer, with your dinner and the park has free washing machines.

Tuesday morning, sitting in the Main Street of Winton writing a blog and taking advantage of the free wifi as we still don’t have phone reception. The meals here at the pub last night were awesome, the barmaids were friendly and entertaining. This little town has so many attractions to see and things to do. Lots of nostalgia, even the bins are a talking point. The photos will tell the story of this place.

We are setting off for Longreach this morning and will be there three night but that’s another story for the next blog.

Cheers. Xo

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3 Responses to Cloncurry to Winton.

  1. Myra says:

    Love those towns, such character and no problems parking !


  2. Frederick Morris says:

    We are still following you.


  3. We loved Winton! How cool are the dinosaur foot rubbish bins! And how good is the Cloncurry bread – nearly as good as Ravenshoe bread!


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