Laughs we have had.

We have had some real laughs along the road, admittedly mostly at my expense. It was all in fun and I have broad shoulders. Just thought I would share the good ones I can remember with you all.

** To get into and out of our free camp at Clem Walton Park we had to go through a gate. When we were leaving I closed the gate but forgot to let myself out. Murray found this quite hilarious.

** Reading a sign about road trains, I turned to Murray and said, “Wow! That sign said there are 50m and 300m road trains ahead!” The sign actually read “Caution 50m road trains in 300m. Another reason to give Murray a good laugh at my expense.

** The best laugh so far would have to be the lady at the Hideaway Cafe in Eungella with the botched up face jobs, wearing tight leather pants, who thought she was Olivia Newton John. Scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

** Another was at Burning Mountain outside Scone where we met two older guys who had had way too much to drink and too much hippy weed. One had a prosthetic leg, by the end of the night he was certainly legless as he would fall out of his van, stumble down the hill to us to share our fire. We couldn’t understand a word they were saying most of the time and they giggled a lot.

** At Tyto Wetlands in Ingham after reading the sign warning us of crocodiles inhabiting the area, I almost climbed up Murray’s back. I quickly attached myself to him so that he couldn’t run off and leave me to be eaten. Once again giving Murray cause to laugh at me.

** Once again it’s me providing entertainment for everyone. Nerida laughs at my description of the roads in outback Queensland. I describe them as part bitumen, when they are actually narrow bitumen roads. Really? There’s only one lane. Seriously, Queenslanders certainly do have their own interpretation on things.

** Yeppoon, with Uncle Bill, he thought Murray was fantastic at the way he backed the ute straight onto the tow hitch. “Wow! He’s unreal at that! Isn’t he fantastic!” Bill says to me. I couldn’t help myself and pointed out the camera above the number plate. He no longer thought Murray was the perfect nephew.

** A laugh at Murray this time. We decided to have baked beans for dinner and Nerida suggested we put the can over the fire, which we did and cooked our toast over it too. The beans were warm enough so Murray picked them up with tongs, saying he wouldn’t want to drop them now…and he did, into the fire went our dinner. Even Murray laughed.

** We pulled up in Tambo for a pit stop before heading off. Sitting down I give a yelp as my seat is very cold. Murray says to me from his cubicle, “Mine is pretty good, it’s heated! All I did was press the button on the side and it warmed up.” Quickly I’m looking for this button, asking him where it is when I hear him laughing. Haha! A blonde moment perhaps, but I think it was too cold and early in the morning for me and his jokes.

** At the artesian baths in Lightning Ridge, getting too hot I decide to sit out for a while. When I lift myself out of the water my swimmers have filled with air and as I sit on the edge of the pool there is a very loud ‘Pfft’. I’m in the company of strangers as well as friends, they all burst out laughing, comments fly. I try to explain what really happened and one cheeky young fellow says he got it all on video. Out I get with a very red face, grab my towel and cover my embarrassment. Yes, I know, another one for me.

** Beginning of the trip, first day, we get to Blayney . Murray looks at me and informs me he has left his wallet in his bag, at home. I say, ” You’re joking!” He wasn’t. I then laugh and thank goodness it wasn’t me that had left something behind. Fist pump, yes!!

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4 Responses to Laughs we have had.

  1. Hahaha – Love this post. Its been a while since I have had a laugh at your and Murray’s expense!


  2. Leonie says:

    Thanks smiley! We’re sitting in our caravan in Cowra with tears rolling down our faces! Love the heated toilet seat gag! Xxx


  3. hehehehehe – love the reversing camera one!! Bet Uncle Bill gets one of those next time we see him!!


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