Only a short day for the trip from Winton to Longreach as the distance is only 177km. The temperature was a comfortable 26 degrees when we arrived in Longreach. We had just pulled up to make some lunch on the side of the road when Nerida and Garth arrived to greet us.

Longreach is another lovely town, it’s in the centre of outback Queensland and has plenty to see and do. Our place for camping the next three nights is with Garth’s niece and hubby, Katherine and Shane in their backyard. Garth and Nerida treated us to a hot shower in their van and a beautiful barbecue dinner.


Again we have phone network here and the first call we got was from Dave Bere, who works with Murray. He and his family are in Longreach so we arranged a catch up for tomorrow, Wednesday, afternoon at their caravan park.

This morning, after a good night’s rest we all decided to go to the Stockman’s Hall of Fame and who should we run into there but Dave, Leonie, Sam and Ethan. After a quick chat it was off to the Stockman’s show to watch Lochie Cossor, his horses, dogs, sheep and bull perform. This guy and his animals were fantastic. The show went for an hour. He sang his own songs, made us laugh, and taught me a thing or two about droving.

Next was the museum tour which was not a guided one so we could decide what we wanted to see and there was a lot to see and read about and we watched a whip being made from scratch. It’s easy to spend a half day here.

We had an easy afternoon before we headed out to see Dave and Leonie for drinks. It was lovely to have a catch up with the Bere family. They are just getting into their six month adventure, have been on the road two weeks, so they were interested to hear of any spots we could recommend. Of course, we immediately told them of our relaxing time at Corella Dam and the people we met there and told them to say hi to all from the Morris’.

It is nice to be pulled up for a few days here, to spend time with Nerida and Garth and to relax off the road again. Will head to town to post this on some free wifi tomorrow.

That’s day one in Longreach. Cheers. Xo

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Traveller, Cook, Blogger, Teacher's Aide, Swimmer, Mother, Wife and yoga lover. Now retired and enjoying me time.
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2 Responses to Longreach.

  1. Love your new BFF hehehehe! And so jealous of the Bere family being on the road for six months! Say a big hello to Nerida and Garth for us xoxox


  2. Frederick Morris says:

    You are enjoying a great trip.,seeing new places and meeting new people.


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