Artesian Spa Here We Come

Early start today, Sunday, 8.30am and 5 degrees, it wasn’t deliberate to be early just too cold to stand around doing nothing, in the car is definitely warmer. Off to Mitchell we go, around 300km. The roads are getting better the further south we go not as many narrow ones.

Augathella is the first little town we bypass today as the road doesn’t go though the town. Next is Morven, 91km from Augathella. As we drive along it is heating up a bit, so my layers are coming off. 10.30 and it’s reached 13 degrees. Phew! Heatwave.

As we pulled into Morven we decided it was time for a walk and early lunch. It doesn’t take long to do a lap of the main drag on foot. A hut stands in the park and is made out if kerosene tins, hence the name Kerosene Tin Hut. Fresh bread purchased on our walk, time for silverside and homemade pickle sandwiches. Yum! On to Mitchell, 89km.

Driving into Mitchell we missed the turnoff to where we were camping tonight, so we thought we would go straight to the Spa instead. It was around 1pm a bit early for a bath but we were keen to enjoy. Ahhh, heaven!! How good was the decision to come here first? The water was a beautiful 38 degrees, soooo relaxing and refreshing. There were three pools here, a fifty metre, a cool pool 18 degrees and the one we enjoyed, as I said, was 38. Sitting in this lovely water you could just feel the body relax and the dust wash away. When we were nice and wrinkly, around forty five minutes later, it was time to move to our camp and set up.

Staying at Fishermans Rest tonight, another nice spot on the Maranoa River this time. There was a flock of pelicans here all working together to herd the fish into one spot then they would all dive down and have a feed. It was certainly amazing to watch. Another fire and a chat with our friends John and Jo. The temperature was certainly cold tonight, even the fire wasn’t helping that much.

Off to bed to get warm…NOT! This was the coldest night ever and we had a frost. Socks, blankets, flannelette pjs, extra shirt AND our canvas cover on top of our sleeping bag, we were almost warm enough and I’m not exaggerating about this. FREEZING is the best word to describe the temperature. John informed us that at 7.30 this morning it was -2 as we ventured outside into the sunshine. Our taps were frozen so water for a cuppa had to come from our drink bottles. It was hard to get motivated in the cold so we didn’t hit the road till 9.30.

Today, Monday, we are heading to Lightning Ridge, about 400km from Mitchell, to spend two nights in a van park, with heating, yay! Will catch up on washing, hopefully have network or free wifi to blog and ring the boys and do some touristy things.

Cheers for now xo.

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Traveller, Cook, Blogger, Teacher's Aide, Swimmer, Mother, Wife and yoga lover. Now retired and enjoying me time.
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2 Responses to Artesian Spa Here We Come

  1. Stewart says:

    Oh the joys of camping !! … and keep those blogs coming, photos have been great ! ( Matt won prizes with some of their trip photos at the local rodeo comp )


  2. Oh – we remember the cold in Mitchell well – agree – it was freezing there!! We had frost on the ground when were camped the night there too! We didn’t make it to the artesian spas there – bugger! Will have to go back!


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