Look out Boys, Here We Come.

Driving towards Blayney temperatures certainly plummeted. Arriving at around 3pm it was 9 degrees, we quickly set up and put our heater on. Deciding not to use our kitchen, as it was supposed to rain over the weekend, we opted to do everything in the camp kitchen. Even then outside was too cold to stand around in so back to the camper where it was warming up. Dinner was going to be at the Royal Hotel in Blayney, hopefully warm.

The hotel was busy for a small town on a Thursday night. Special of the day was $12 roast all you could eat. Let us at it. Boy was it good to relax somewhere warm, with a fantastic meal and a drink, plus my beloved hubby for good company.

Friday morning we headed to Orange to see mum who had been fretting over the last few weeks. When we walked in her little face lit up and I almost shed a tear. She looked well with pink in her cheeks and a new haircut. She looked lovely in her new clothes we got before we went away but she is so frail. Her cuddles were the best and she was so excited she wouldn’t let me go. We had lunch and spent the day at her home as it was too cold for her outdoors. That night we had dinner with my cousin and wife, Alan and Christine, it was lovely to sit around their fire, indoors, and catch up on their news along with telling them tales of our journey. Good food, many laughs and family time.

Saturday temperatures didn’t improve and we had a bit of rain. This time we were off to Aunty Helen’s for lunch with mum and we were taking Chinese. My cousin Robyn and her hubby Tim were having lunch with us too. They had also been on a trip for a couple of weeks up in Airlie. Chatting and sharing photos we all got to enjoy each other’s journey, plus we had beautiful Chinese. Aunty Helen was happy to see us and her and mum got to catch up too.

Another great weekend with family coming to an end all too soon. We head home Sunday, so look out boys.

What’s for dinner??

Cheers xo

About Leanne

Traveller, Cook, Blogger, Teacher's Aide, Swimmer, Mother, Wife and yoga lover. Now retired and enjoying me time.
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2 Responses to Look out Boys, Here We Come.

  1. Stewart says:

    Can’t believe you’re all done – your time seems to have flown by !!


  2. I can’t believe it is all over for you – that went sooooooo fast!! You did so well managing the cold!! Look forward to seeing what adventures you get up to next! Thanks for sharing your trip with us – so great!!


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