We Are Home But…

The trip home was beautiful as usual. It never ceases to amaze me how pretty the countryside between Orange and the Illawarra truly is. Rolling hills of green twisting into golden fields of canola in the Central West then coming over the Illawarra escarpment with the beautiful ocean view ahead, winding down through the rainforest of Macquarie Pass onto the open road which brings us home.


On our travels we have been through the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland which was a tourist’s dream come true, the dryness of outback Queensland which was harsh on the skin but had the best free camps and witnessed a perfect sunset, while enjoying perfectly cooked fish and chips, in the Gulf of Carpentaria. This country truly is fascinatingly beautiful.

Kurumba sunset.

Kurumba sunset.

People we have met along the way have become our friends and made the adventure just that little bit more interesting and entertaining. Hopefully we meet them all again on the road in the near future.

Physically seeing my brother and getting to spend time with him and his family for the first time in four years has been a highlight for me. Staying with Uncle Bill and Francis in Yeppoon on my birthday was very special and we had some great laughs. Meeting up with our friends, Derek and Lynda who we first met in Blayney was a lovely bonus in Sarina and we plan to meet them somewhere in the future. Spending time with Murray’s mum and dad and extended family was awesome. O’Briens Creek always is a fun filled weekend. We both have wonderful families.

Friday night football at the Hazzard's

Friday night football at the Hazzard’s

Walks, waterfalls, gorges and gardens we have done a few of all of these.  Each one different and amazing in its own way.  Tasted some amazing cheeses and yoghurts, even bought some home to enjoy with the boys. Everywhere we have been has so much to see and do.

This journey has come to an end but the adventure for Murray and I is far from over. Planning is already up and running for a trip to the centre next year, same time and maybe for longer. As for Murray and I our relationship is stronger and yes, we can spend time alone for lengthy periods without major upsets.  We’ve had a ball, seen heaps and learned a thing or two along the way about each other and Australia. By the way we nailed the selfie too.

I’ve enjoyed keeping my followers of family and friends up to date and will continue to do so. Thanks for taking the time to keep up with us. I hope you have enjoyed our journey almost as much as we have. If you watch this space you may even read a post by Murray with some of his own detail information on the trip.

What a handsome couple.

What a handsome couple.

Take care till next time. Cheers xo

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2 Responses to We Are Home But…

  1. Wow – when you see your trip like that you realise how many great spots and things you did and saw along the way! Red centre next year – that sounds good – look out or you might get some tag alongs!!


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