21 Today.

It is hard to believe that 21 years has passed so quickly and that our little, red haired boy, Andrew is now a handsome young man. I thought that it was only fitting, therefore, that I write about him on this special day.

Thursday, 19th August, 1993 is a day Murray and I will never forget, the arrival of our first child, a son. Andrew James Morris came into the world fairly easily after a seven hour labour and we couldn’t wait to begin the next chapter of our lives with him in it. Cheeky, happy, loving and giving all describe him well.

6 months old and cheeky but cute.

6 months old and cheeky but cute.

Andrew has always been a happy and friendly person.  He has a gentle nature, he cares for those around him and strives to keep everybody happy. While we were away recently, for almost eight weeks, he proved he could look after himself and his younger brother, Simon as well as doing groceries, working, cooking and keeping up with housework.

Celebrations for this auspicious occasion began while we were on holidays in Far North Queensland, at O’Brien’s Creek, in July with Andrew’s cousins, uncles, Grandfather and us. Aunty Myra made him a cake and we all enjoyed making more memories with him and for him, as well as offering words of wisdom for his future.

We held a small gathering with Andrew’s Albion Park family and friends last Saturday and enjoyed a lovely evening of food, drink and laughter here at the house. Speeches are not always a strong point with Andrew but he did us proud with a very mature and thoughtful one the other night where he not only thanked us but also his workmates and friends who have stood by and supported him for many years. Murray acknowledged the fact that his best mate, Pa would be very proud of the person he has become and we know he watches over him always.

The cake was tools at Andrew's request.

The cake was tools at Andrew’s request.

A happy man with his girls.

A happy man with his girls.

In two weeks the partying will continue with a family celebration in Orange with his Gran, Aunty Helen and cousins. Birthdays tend to go for a while around here when you have extended family everywhere. Another cake will be made to enjoy once again.

We have lived through many happy times with Andrew and some sad ones too. Many milestones have been passed – preschool, school, first job and there will be many more milestones to come.  He has made a couple of mistakes but learnt lessons from them, achieved goals he has set himself and made us very proud of him along the way. He loves mountain bike riding, remote control cars, V8s and his work.

A son like Andrew is a treasure to know and love, we feel very blessed to have been able to contribute to the gentleman he is now. I am proud to say he is my son and I love him very much.

Happy birthday, Andrew love Mum, Dad and Simon. Enjoy and live life to the fullest, make every moment count and stay true to yourself.

Cheers xo.

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4 Responses to 21 Today.

  1. Love the photos!! I can still remember when I first moved to Wollongong and was visiting you all. We took the boys to Shellharbour to visit Uncle Murray and decided to do a beach walk….hehe…can still picture Andrew getting dunked by the wave! Woops.


  2. Beautiful post Leanne! Andrew is a credit to himself & you & Uncle Murray! Matt & I often say that we will be happy if our boys turn out as well as yours!! Loved the photo of Andrew on his first day of school!! Enjoy the birthday celebrations & look forward to the years ahead with adult Andrew!


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