Road tripping.

Yes, you guessed it, Leanne and Murray are on the road again. Just a quick trip though. We are heading to Rockhampton for Murray’s Uncle Bill’s funeral, which is on Thursday. Even though it is not for a happy occasion we are making the most of being on the road and enjoying some quiet time together again.

Day One, Tuesday 23rd September. Albion Park to Monte Cristo.

4am start as we have a lot of kilometres to cover. All the packing was done the day before so our early getaway was made possible. The trip through Sydney was made easier at this time of day too. Along the freeway to Newcastle we went through clouds of fog and as we drove across the Moonee Moonee Bridge it was as if we were floating among the clouds as the fog came up under the bridge.

The navlady was needed to get us through from here onwards so I hooked her up but she decided not to play nice today and kept telling us we needed to turn left in the middle of the freeway or that we had reached our destination in the middle of nowhere. Put her away and follow Map 7.

We drove through the Hunter Valley. It would have been nice to spend some time there tasting some wines but we had to push on. A quick pit stop on the way through Aberdeen was all we had time for. It was about 13 degrees there at 7.30am, still cool, this might wake me up as I’m beginning to struggle. Breakfast was a quick oat bar and a banana in the car.

By 9am we were beginning to think of lunch, way too early but licorice allsorts weren’t sustaining. At 11am Guyra was looking good for an early lunch. A nice park in a side street, some shade, slide out the kitchen, wraps, salad and you have lunch. Kettle boiled for a cuppa and some homemade biscuits. Ahh, this is the life. Onwards, we still have a long way to go.

Our journey took us through Tamworth, Armidale and across to Inverell. Our niece Kate has just moved to Inverell as Head Coach at the local pool. Time to visit her. As she was at work we went there. She was surprised and happy to see us and gave us the tour of her new workplace. It was a shame we had to move on and that we did not know it was her birthday, we found that out later when we called Simon. Messaged her to fix that.


There has been some road kill along the way today. We have also seen some live wildlife too such as some lizards that scurry off before you get them ,thankfully, kangaroos and lots of different birds. I have to say that I am sorry but Murray added to the dead bird life. A little galah decided to play chicken with us. He sat there and just watched us. It was either swerve and hit his mate on the left or veer right and hit a car head on. Sorry little mate but you made the wrong choice today, sad but true. Murray’s comment, “He didn’t go to bird school!”

Next pit stop just outside Moree. Nice to stretch the legs again. We’ve now been on the road 12 hours and I’m struggling, Murray’s alright though. Off to Goondiwindi we go. Two hours to stopover for the night. Been seeing lots of different crops along the way but unsure what they are. Some of them look like barley not sure about the others.

Monte Cristo, 45km North of Goondiwindi, a free camp shared with some caravaners and a couple of truckies. Stay hitched, flip over the camper. All set up in 4 minutes. It is now 6.30pm. Wine and beer going down well, homemade chicken soup heating on the stove. After dinner chocolate slice and a cuppa. Did I mention that this is the life??


Murray wanders around and chats to a truck driver. He’s from Kingaroy and he is carrying wheat. He tells Murray the fields we saw are probably barley and some could be chickpeas.

9pm, time for bed…glad we don’t have to get up at 3am again tomorrow.

Today we have spent fourteen hours on the road and done 1000km. Big day. Oh, and I know some of you are asking why we didn’t just fly up…come on people where’s your sense of adventure. Ours is in the journey, life would be boring otherwise. Is anyone else out there having an unexpected adventure these holidays?

Goodnight. Cheers xo

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  1. Good on you for taking the drive, lots of adventures on the road. Loved that you got to stop in and visit Kate! Stay safe!


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