Off We Go Again.

Friday, 26th September. Our journey home began at 7am today.

Pack up was easy and the sun is shining. Travelling back the same way we came towards Goondiwindi and Moree but hoping to stop and smell the roses a little bit. For the sake of my blog we are going to take some photos of the things we saw on the way up that we didn’t get photos of because of time. The plan is also to take our breaks in different towns.

Morning tea was planned for Theodore, we should be there around 10am. I had been reading up on picnic areas as we drove along and the couple here were said to be nice. Junction Park, Theodore on The Boulevard, the main road. We were so glad we decided to stop here as it had a fantastic little free camp on the river with toilets and showers, for a dollar, honesty box system, plenty of picnic tables and some barbecues. Put a tick on this one in Wikicamps.

It was very pretty beside the river with walking tracks, lots of shade and plenty of fishing spots. There were a few campers and some vans here, and it was sooo quiet. Take a look if you’re ever in the area.

Pretty quiet day on our trip today and we wanted tocover as many kilometres as we could so we got back on the road and planned lunch in Miles. We wanted to pull up there again because the other side of the park had toilets and looked nicer than our first stop there on the way up. Around 12.30 we arrived at our lunch pitstop and we right to pick where we did as it had tables, toilets and a lovely view along the creek. We once again noticed all the high vis guys from the mines.

Condamine is between Miles and Goondiwindi, on the Dawson River, a town famous for its cowbells. The story goes that the Condamine bell was worn by cows when drovers were out with their cattle on a muster so that they could hear them at night and find them in the morning if they wandered off. Of course, we had to get photos of the huge bell on display in Condamine Bell Park, appropriately named . The other thing that got our attention here, on the North side of town, was the Condamine Pub. It was absolutely gorgeous in all its timber splendour. I would say it has an equally impressive bar inside but we didn’t think to go in for a look until we were down the road.

As the day draws to an end we are getting tired. On the road for 10 hours, time to find somewhere for the night. Tookey’s Creek Rest area, 40km south of Moree. Set up and making friends already.  Tomorrow we head to Orange to see mum on the way home.

Cheers. Xo


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