New Love!!

No, I am not talking of Murray.  The new love, for me, is B3. He loves me unconditionally.

Each morning I get up early to perform my yoga at 6.30am and the first thing I hear is B3, our lorikeet, sorry forgot to mention that, passing out kisses from under his towel cover and giving his rendition of ‘hello’, whistling and kissing, non stop.  I refuse to uncover him till my yoga practice is over but sometimes he gets me and I have to relent or my yoga is not peaceful. He is sooo adorable and he really does love me. One affectionate bird.

Relentlessly, after yoga, I uncover all three birds. First Buddy, then Bobby and lastly B3. Why this order, you may well ask?? Buddy was our first bird and loves the attention first, and so on. Plus B3 gets so much attention from all of us because he is so vocal that the others need some early love.

Buddy, Andrew’s cockateil, has breakfast with me. He loves yoghurt, toast, porridge or whatever I am eating. Early morning cuddles are a must for this one. He is very spoilt, mostly by me. Bobby, the budgerigar, was Mum’s, is happy to remain in his cage, humping his swing, feeding the bird in the mirror and talking his head off. He is so clever. He picks up everything you say. They all all love their fruit and vegetables. Each of the human males in this house get very annoyed with these feathered friends but I know that secretly they all love them too,and they’re just jealous of the attention the birds get. Ha!!

Three amigos.

Three amigos.

Anyway, I am meant to be talking about the latest recipe that has become the ‘new love’ of the men in this house, not really mine. It is easier to talk about the birds for me than chocolate. This is it, Mars Bar and Malteser Slice from

Mars Bar and Malteser Slice

Mars Bar and Malteser Slice

This slice is so deadly it should be illegal, very, very naughty. Try it,  I know you will like it.

And, yet another chocolate delight is Chocolate Cups, from Beautiful Biscuits by the Women’s Weekly. (Page120). Thes I didn’t mind. They had coffee in them, which isn’t my fave, and coffee liquor, for which I substituted with Baileys as I didn’t have the other.


These weren’t bad actually, quite light for something sweet and chocolatey. Bit fiddly but worth the calories. That’s it for today. Thought you might all like a chocolate fix for the weekend. Enjoy! Please try these recipes. They’re worth it.

Cheers. Xo


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  1. Thanks for the recipe…will have to try it when we have visitors to share the calories!! lol Yum. And my boys would love to have birds, think our first pet will have to be a dog though.


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