My List of Motivation 

I thought I would jump on the band wagon with a Hitlist like my nieces Bethany Campbell @The Exercis Hitlist and Jessica Fealy @Are We There Yet?  I thought I would call it  “My List of Motivation”.  This list is to motivate, inspire and challenge me throughout the coming months with some goals of what I wish to achieve in my own time.  Some of the things on this list I have already started, others I’m yet to begin. The time I have given myself to achieve these goals is until the end of April, I began some in February. These don’t have to be achieved in the order they are written, this is just a list.

1.   Yoga With Adriene, 30 day challenge.

2.   Yoga International, 10 day Core Challenge.

3.   Swim 1km before the end of the swim season.

4.   Change up the menu.

5.   Make a cheesecake.

6.   Change doctors and have my belated fifty year old check-up before I turn 52 in June.

7.   Continue walking to work and work on upper body strength at home.

8.   Anzac Day in Canberra.

9.   Write more blogs in preparation for our next adventure.

10. Prepare food to travel.

Ok, so with ten things I wish to achieve I now have my motivation.

I have already begun the yoga challenge and am now up to day 25 and loving it.  Each morning brings a new adventure with Adriene. I get an email each evening from Adriene. She writes as if she is right there talking to me. Imparting her wisdom and encouragement upon me. I get excited just to see the email and think of the next morning of yoga. The benefits are being felt all over.  The Yoga International core challenge has also been started but put on hold when we went to Orange last weekend. I need to complete that one as it was really challenging and I could feel the benefits from it too. A six pack…maybe not but I have abs I didn’t know existed the next day.

Walking to work is easy and not as long as the walks I used to do but my feet won’t allow me to go too far without pain anymore. Work is only three half days a week and I throw in some weight work at home to complete the workout.  With the swimming I am up to 16 laps of the local pool which is 50m long. I hope to achieve twenty laps, 1km this week. Will keep you posted there. I didn’t realise how much I really enjoy swimming these days.

Lately the menu has been getting an up date. Healthier, not that we eat badly anyway, with a few new dishes here and there. We are all enjoying it. Instead of crumbling the fish lately I have been steaming it in a Thai sauce which I made up and we either have salad or vegetables.  A few Chinese dishes have been thrown in. I love the different flavours we are getting. The other week I made my own granola for breakfasts, some healthy but tasty breakfast muffins and my own meusli bars using quinoa, sunflowers seeds, cranberries and others tasty grains. We have all enjoyed these treats. Keep watching and I may share a recipe or two with you.  Actually, I have made two cheesecakes lately. I used to make regular cheesecakes when we got married and haven’t made them since the boys were born, 21 years. The first one I made was a lemon one and it was lovely and tangy. The second was a peppermint choc creme de menthe one and everyone liked this one. Both recipes were from the Philadelphia Cream Cheese website. Take a look.

Last week I changed doctors as I have lost confidence in our original one due to lack of enthusiasm and misdiagnosis of my heart condition and melanomas. Immediately my new doctor has done my check-up, the regular Pap smear and wants me to have a colonscopy because of dad.  All good so far. She has gained my confidence already.

Hopefully this blog is the beginning of many as we are setting off on another journey in May. Will post a longer more detailed blog later on that one so stay tuned. This is also the reason I want to get some cooking done and frozen ready to go.

As for Anzac Day in Canberra we were thinking of doing something different and as it is the Centenary of the Anzac this sounds like a plan.

Anyway, that’s it my Motivation List. When it is complete I will begin another one with other things I wish to achieve.

Cheers. Xo

About Leanne

Traveller, Cook, Blogger, Teacher's Aide, Swimmer, Mother, Wife and yoga lover. Now retired and enjoying me time.
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2 Responses to My List of Motivation 

  1. I can’t tell you how excited I am about your list Aunty Leanne! I’m thinking I may even need to jump on board for the 30 Day yoga challenge..maybe next hitlist. And yes I think you should share some of those recipes and pics of course, esp the granola as I have been toying with trying to make this. Glad you changed doctors, it never ever hurts to get a second opinion! I am really looking forward to reading about your new adventures and updates on this list!! Beth xoxo

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