Heading Off???

There is no answer to my above question.  Why?  Well, it’s like this….

Murray and I both booked our holidays, taking long service leave and nine weeks off. Our plans were to head to outback Queensland, Malanda and across to the Centre of Australia. Alas, my mum isn’t doing too good and appears to be deteriorating quite rapidly. Therefore, we have decided to stick around the Central West and take in some places we haven’t spent time in before such as Hill End, Sofala, Raglan, Inverell and other little towns, and do some things, out of the ordinary like gold panning.

First up is my Aunty Helen’s 80th birthday afternoon tea at the Ambassor International Motor Inn in Orange. All the family is getting together to celebrate and I have decorated the cake for the occasion.

Aunty Helen loves owls. This one is sitting in its nest in a tree oh green.

Aunty Helen loves owls. This one is sitting in its nest in a tree of green.

Our accomodation, camping site, for the weekend will be in the hills of an orchard at ‘Melrose Cottage’, Nashdale, my cousin Robyn and her hubby Tim’s place.

As I write this we are stopping in Bathurst at the Showground for the night. It is a cool temperature of around 1 degree and will probably drop below zero overnight. We have power so we have our heater.  Tomorrow, Friday we head into Orange for lunch with mum.

Camp Morris in Bathurst.

Camp Morris in Bathurst.

After this we don’t know what our movements will be, that all depends on mum, but I will keep my blog updated with our adventures and experiences.

Cheers xo

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  1. Stewart Bell says:

    have fun and find some big sapphires in Inverell

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