Here We Go.

Finally, after all the modifying, planning and packing we are on the road.

Good Friday was the day we set off from home. It was a long day, taking six instead of four hours to reach Orange but we enjoyed the thought of reaching our goal and beginning our adventure together.

Easter weekend was busy, filled with lots of family and laughter.  We stayed at Nashdale once again with my cousin, Robyn and her husband, Tim on their beautiful orchard and enjoyed spending time with all my rellies.  The weather was great and a little bit cool at night. We said goodbye to the boys on Sunday afternoon after a lovely lunch with Aunty Helen, and yes, I did cry when they left, I couldn’t help myself.

Fruit courtesy of Tim, for travelling.

Fruit courtesy of Tim, for travelling.

We headed from Orange to Mudgee on Monday and enjoyed a lovely lunch at Elton’s and catch up with our dear friend Leonie. That night was spent under the beautiful, clear skies at the Mudgee Showgrounds. Such a pretty town.

At Mudgee Showgrounds campsite.

At Mudgee Showgrounds campsite.

Tuesday we headed to Inverell to spend a few days with our niece, Kate. Her cat was extremely excited to see us and wouldn’t leave us alone. I went for my swim each day, we went back to the olive grove, Olive’s of  Beaulieu to stock up on some more of their goodies and we bought ourselves a pick and some sieves for our fossicking we wish to do along the journey. We love Inverell, it is very pretty and has so much to offer.

We have had a few gremlins creep in so far on our trip. The first was between Orange and Mudgee as a kangaroo tried to take us on and darted between the camper and the trailer but bounced off the stone guard of the trailer. The second was outside Dunedoo when we had a clamp failure on a turbo boost pipe which makes a screaming noise when it happens with loss of power. Due to Murray’s diligence he had spare clamps and he was able to fix it on the side of the road. The third was an electrical issue with the trailer which we discovered at Coonabarabran when we pulled up for lunch and had no power to the fridge.  It was fixable also but had to wait till we got to Kate’s place. A quick fuse replacement, a circuit breaker reset and we were all good again.

Fixing the Navara. Go Murray

Fixing the Navara. Go Murray

Today, Friday, we left Kate and Inverell behind and headed to Miles in Queensland where we have camped just outside the town at a picturesque free camp at the Gil Wier on Dogwood Creek. Very relaxing. Due to the time change, an hour behind, we had to stop ourselves from having happy hour too early.

Sleeping quarters. Comfy.

Sleeping quarters. Comfy.

Tomorrow we head towards Emerald in the centre of Queensland for another bush camp outside of the town,  but more about that next time. One week down five months and three weeks to go.

Cheers. Xo





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2 Responses to Here We Go.

  1. Wishing you guys a safe trip , and love the Blog !!! Keep up the great stories and wonderful photos .
    Best wishes and safe travels , Bazza and Family !!!


  2. Jan & John says:

    Hi there, Glad to see all the photos and catch up on all your news. Looks like you have had good weather so far, keep safe, till next time LOL J&Jxx

    Liked by 1 person

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