Creatures of the Night.

I think this is worthy of a post and a good laugh, whereas Murray thought it was only worth a Facebook post.  A good story needs its own Storyboard I say. So here we go.

Our first night here in Malanda was not a restful one. We are staying in a granny flat downstairs in Rus and Gladys’ house, just off their garage. Upon retiring we could hear the animals upstairs retiring to their bedroom, as they have big boots or rather heavy feet. Then, just after we turned out our light there was a scratching noise within our curtains. Me, being the jumpy one shone my phone in that direction and the curtains were moving. Murray being the calm one put it down to a breeze and as he is partially deaf he didn’t hear the noise anyway and said I was paranoid.

Five minutes later another noise from the curtains and more movement so Murray turned the light on and saw said movement and heard the noise but when he grabbed the curtains there was nothing there. We both assumed that maybe it was a gecko and we would leave it be but I wasn’t settling.   He told me to calm down and get off to sleep.  Well, that didn’t work and the night dragged on. Me hearing noises all night and Murray snoring from time to time when I let him sleep. It was a long night with plenty of movement and noise, including something running along our bed head at one stage.  I cleaned the room the next morning and searched everywhere for what was keeping me awake but to no avail.

Night two…lights out and there it goes again. Scratch, scratch then… scrlpp…something plops on the ground….me, “what was that???”    Murray, “nothing, go to sleep, don’t start this again.”   Five minutes later same noises, more scurrying along the dresser, playing with the boxes on there.  Another sleepless night for me and semi awareness from Murray as I poke him often to make sure he hears it too.

Next day, purchase new mousetraps as we think this is what it is because when it drops and runs it is too fast and heavy for just a gecko.    Later that day I put towels at both our doors after seeing a mouse come from under one and run into the garage. Murray sets trap in room and garage.  Something empties one in garage three times, then bang we have number one mouse out of the way by that afternoon but nothing nibbling at the one in the room.

Night three…boy I’m getting tired and Murray is sick of me being paranoid, so I hope tonight we have success in our room and I mean in the trap.

Off to bed we go, within minutes of turning out the light there’s a sliding noise down the curtain, a plop on the floor and some nibbling at the trap right near my side of the bed. Me,”Murray, Murray,it’s here, it’s nibbling the bait.”

“Go to sleep , Leanne and don’t worry about it.”

“Murray it’s not setting the trap off, I think it ran away.” Says  Leanne. No response.

I must have relaxed at some stage because …bang at 1.30am the trap goes off, I jump out of bed turn on the lights and there it is, we got it. Yay…now I can sleep.  Murray, “thanks goodness.”  He quickly returns to snoring and finally I nod off properly.

Next day reset traps, just in case but nothing in the room since.  Thank goodness.  We still have more in the garage though as something is eating the baits every time Murray puts more in.  We saw one taking the bait a couple of times today, sneaky bugger.  Hence, the towels are still at our doors and won’t be going till I know it’s safe.

Cheers xo




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  1. I love it Leanne – shows they did not want visitors.

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