Alice Springs

Okay, we have had internet problems and no reception at times so I’m a bit behind with this blog. Hope I haven’t lost all my readers. We’re back in Alice Springs tonight, 18th May, for the purpose of blogging, groceries, diesel and alcohol supplies and some rest for a day as we’ve been very active everyday in this past couple of weeks.  Ayres Rock didn’t disappoint, it was amazing but that will be another blog of its own, of course.

Monday, 9th May saw us move onto Alice Springs only an hour and a half from Gem Tree. We were looking forward to this part of our adventure as there is a lot to see and do in this area.  Our place of camping here was at the Temple Bar Caravan Park.  It was just out of town, quiet and friendly. Another little gem in the outback. Our site was nice and grassy this time and the park was full of birdlife. Setting up is getting easier and quicker each time, very little talking just get on with the job at hand and no arguments, well not often.

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Tuesday, 10th May we set out to explore the West MacDonnell Ranges and it didn’t disappoint as there is just so much in this area. First stop for the morning was the Ochre Pits, one of the furthest things on the map from Alice and we worked our way back from there. This place was so colourful. I wasn’t sure it would interest Murray when I mentioned going there but we were both gob smacked by the range of colours and how bright they were.

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Ellery Creek Bighole was beautiful, I wish it hadn’t been so cool the morning we were there otherwise a swim would definitely have been on the cards. There was a group of artists on a bus tour here, they were taking photos to paint from later and a lovely lady took our photo for us as we did hers. She was from Sydney and on a four day tour purely for this purpose as a lot of these people were.

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Next was Standley Chasm. If you come here at midday apparently the light is brilliant but we were late into here yet it was still a very pretty place for walking into. There is a charge to walk the Chasm of $12 each, the walk takes twenty minutes to half hour. As the day was so cold it was freezing in the Chasm but worth a look.

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Simpson’s Gap was the last place of interest on our list for the day and it too was cold but well worth the exercise. We saw little rock wallabies in here, high up in the walls of the gap, you had to really search for them. Another day done and dusted, the next day had more adventure in store.

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Thursday, we set off for Palm Springs, somewhere Murray had heard was good and wanted to take a look. It was a four wheel drive track in and when we turned we noticed a road closed sign was pulled down.  Not putting too much thought into this we aired down and drove onward but as we rounded a bend we noticed a lot of water across the road. Stopping to think whether we should cross or not we saw a vehicle appear on the other side and stop. Some one got out and walked across the crossing through just below waist height water. Approaching us we saw the uniform of National Park and he said they had just rescued a group of people from the valley who had been stuck for five days.  Remembering we had said earlier that when we entered the NT a weather event had been predicted for this area. Well it had hit and even Uluru had waterfalls coming off it. Turning around, thinking what now…we decided to head for the Alice Springs Desert Park we had heard of and have a different adventure there.

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This place was its own little piece of the Red Centre. There were several small enclosures for birdlife of this area, a nocturnal house, different habitats to walk through, emu, kangaroos and dingoes and a live bird show of the large and small birds of the region.  This included magpies and curlews to Falcons and small Eagles.  It was a free flying bird show which we thoroughly enjoyed.

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We also went to Anzac Memorial Hill Lookout.  This was to remember all wars past and present and to take a look over the Alice. The Ghan train was in this day but we missed seeing it leave.  After a freshen up we headed to the Todd River Hotel for dinner and relaxation. Friday we were off early for our adventure in the Ayres Rock/Uluru region. We have enjoyed the Red Centre with its many colours it has so much more to see though.

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Next Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

Cheers. Xo




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6 Responses to Alice Springs

  1. Liz Maves says:

    Sounds like an awesome trip. I used to work with Murray. I’m now living in hot humid Texas. If you two are ever over our way Rod and I would love to show you around.
    Safe travels!

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    • , so good to hear they have finally accepted you over there. It really is true your married! Lol. Hope you are settling in well and teaching them a few Aussie ways and having some laughs. Loving our holiday not sure I will want to go back to work though. Take care and stay in touch. 😊


  2. Rhonda Begg says:

    Hi there what a great time you are having. I love following your adventures. I am back in Perth, arrived Tuesday after a good trip, number 8 by car, across the Nullabour. Look forward to seeing you here. Keep having a great time and stay safe. Rhonda xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jan & John says:

    Hi, Thanks for the great photos.
    Loved seeing all those beautiful colours.
    We are out to dinner tonight with friends, till next time Love to you both J&J

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow! You guys have been busy! Love all the pics and hearing about your adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

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