Next stop for us was a couple of nights in Kununurra from Wednesday 1st June to Friday 3rd June, we pulled into Hidden Valley Mirima Caravan Park. Power, shade, fruit and vegetables were what we were looking for in this town and we got the lot. Temperatures were still high thirties. The caravan park was quite a large one with plenty of shade. Upon setting up we found we had picked up some hitchhiking ants the night before at our free camp and also had a resident gecko along with us from Darwin so these all needed to go. The gecko wasn’t easy to catch but the ants got hit hard with ant spray. As it was State of Origin night a television screen had been placed in the open camping area for everyone to watch the footy under the stars. After a lovely swim and a BBQ dinner we headed in that direction with our drinks. What a shame it wasn’t a better result though.

Camp Kununurra

Camp Kununurra

Thursday we did a spot of touristing around Kununurra and discovered there’s a bit to see and do here. Kununurra is We took a lovely drive to Wyndham, which is about 100kms up the road, to a lookout which shows where the five rivers being Pentecost, King, Durack, Ord and Forest all join with the Cambridge Gulf. This landmark was named the Bastion by Captain Phillip Parker King back in 1819. While in Wyndham we stopped into the Rusty Shed Cafe for a tasty morning tea and thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere there.

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Our trip back into Kununurra took us out to the Sandalwood Factory where they grow Indian Sandalwood which reaps $100,000 per tonne. Of course, they make incense from it, soaps, oils and it is also the base to a lot of famous perfumes worldwide. This is a huge agricultural industry up here and fascinating to learn about. There is a wide variety of agriculture within this region, that continues to expand, along with the sandalwood such as chai, chickpeas, mangoes, kidney beans, limes and the list goes on. All this area is irrigated by the Ord River Irrigation System which we learnt about at Lake Argyle.

We found a lovely beach area on the banks of the Ord River diversion dam where a group of older ladies and gentleman had decided to play on a rope swing and were having a funny old time trying to climb the tree then swing into the water all laughing their heads off.

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We knew we wouldn’t get to talk with the boys or anyone else for a couple of weeks because we would be on the Gibb River Road till we reached Derby so we rang them for a chat, as the Internet was too slow for face timing, also we contacted Murray’s mum and dad and Aunty Helen. While we were sitting outside chatting we heard a strange noise inside like something had hit our fan, we looked in and there was a gecko tail flicking around the place, it must have crawled into the fan, there was no sign of the gecko itself anywhere that night. Next morning we found it was still alive, although it looked stressed, and released it into the wild. Poor little fellow.

There was more we could have done in Kununurra but it was a regroup for us, some internet for a day, family contact and shopping before the next step on the road of adventure.

Cheers. Xo

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