Beaches, Shells and Fishing.

Hello there, I’m back. I’ve been a bit slack with my writing since we arrived in Perth nearly two weeks ago, and as my friend Yvonne said to me today I must be having too good a time to sit down and finish this blog. Anyway here it is.

After our ‘Once in a Lifetime’ adventure at the amazing Horizontal Falls our thoughts were to head to Cape Leveque with some free camping along the way. I’m not really a beach swimmer, I will admit that the waves scare me, but I do like to walk on the beach to collect shells and rocks and paddle in the rock pools.  After a quick diesel top up and a bite of lunch we hit the sandy track to the Cape where we were going to check out a couple of free camps along the way,  Quondong Point and James Price Point.


As Quondong was first we turned in to take a peak and were greeted with a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean. The day was clear, hot and calm and this was where we decided to stay for a couple of nights away from everything except the ocean and a handful of people that were friendly but not on top of us.  Our camp was right on the ridge overlooking the beach.  to our amazement and excitement we managed to see few giant sea turtles breaching the waves but it was quite difficult to get decent photos at such a distance.

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Our afternoon was filled some walks on the beach, a chat with the boys while we enjoyed happy hour and a beautiful sunset on the horizon. As night fell we enjoyed the sound of waves crashing on the rocks below and an amazing starry sky above. Sleep didn’t come too easily for me that night as it’s usually quiet for us and I’m not used to beach noise. It became quite windy with a huge tide that produced bigger waves with plenty of noise due to the proximity of our camp to the beach.

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Saturday morning we set off early for a walk. It was a little calmer than the night before and overcast when we left camp.  The beach was cluttered with plenty of shells from the dumping it received the night before and the rock pools were full.  As the morning wore on the sun appeared as did the wind, which became quite blustery as we returned to the trailer. Not being prepared for the wind or sun while on our walk we became quite sun and wind burnt, not like us at all.  We had made an extensive hoard of shells while on the beach though which we were pretty chuffed with and saw heaps of hermit crabs along the sand.

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After another walk that afternoon the weather turned quite blustery and it became quite clear that it wasn’t going to improve but get a whole lot worse through the night.  As the camper trailer creaked in the wind I began to think it wasn’t so good to be so close to the edge. The next morning we were told by our neighbours that a severe weather warning had been issued for the coast and once again we had been in it.  Sleep deprived after a rough night and ready to move on we packed up finding it quite difficult with the wind billowing the tent on the trailer and making folding up hard for us.

We didn’t head to the Cape after this, instead opting to move on to Barn Hill which is about 120km south of Broome (where we had popped into for some supplies and voting).  Barn Hill is situated on Thangoo Station, a working cattle station, which stretches 85kms along the coast between Broome and Port Headland, running 8,000 head of Braham cattle.  It was here we met up again with our good friends Kay and Ian Power and new friends Roger and Lyn.

Set up at Barn Hill.

Set up at Barn Hill.

We settled in quite happily here, first booking in for two nights then extending to four.  Each day we walked along the beach adding to our cache of shell and beginning a rock one as well. The rock formations here were absolutely amazing and each day we would discover another little niche around the corner. The daytime temperatures were still very warm and the nights were comfortable. Dinner was shared each evening with our group of friends followed by a game of canasta, which Murray and I adapted to playing quite quickly. Many laughs, drinks and stories were shared each day.

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Our toilet and shower blocks were open air which was quite refreshing after a warm day on the beach or around the caravan park and we very rarely needed to use the hot water with the heat.  Lawn bowls was quite popular here and it was fun to watch, players were barefoot on a sandy green and no uniform was required.  We enjoyed a homemade ice cream in a cone and iceblocks each day to cool off.

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Murray even went fishing with Ian and Roger one afternoon, but he preferred to be taking photos than holding the rod.  The fish were going off while we were there, it was common to walk on the beach and catch the sight of someone reeling one in, their smiles were priceless.  Eating the fresh fish was even better and we were able to do that a bit with Ian and Roger having regular success. Queen, Spanish mackerel, whiting and threadfin salmon were the popular catches of the day while we were there.  The station staff made regular deliveries of fresh sausages and mince, vanilla slice, bread and lamingtons to the shop each morning, all of which were made on the station.  We bought some of the sausages to take with us when we left and discovered them to be the best ever, no preservatives and absolutley no fat in them, better still was the fact that they didn’t upset my reflux when I ate them.

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Moving on was a decision that held some trepidation for us as we were leaving our friends, not knowing when we would catch up again and not sure where we were headed next, only knowing that we were now heading south towards Perth and it was going to cool off soon. So much more to see and do though so we needed to get back on the road of adventure.

Cheers. Xo


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  1. Jan & John says:

    Glad you enjoyed collecting shells and rocks. Love the colour of the sunsets. Travel safe, LOL J&J

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