Running from the Weather.

Rain, hail and wind were all forecast for Albany, Esperance and all coastal areas of WA, where we had planned on going.  Rain doesn’t really affect us unless we are packing or unpacking but wind can play a big part with our kind of set up.  The winds were supposed to reach around 120kms per hour so it could do some damage to us.  We now had to head inland to avoid the winds. Kalgoorlie here we come but not all in one day.

As we drove the winds were picking up in this area as well. I looked up Wikicamps and a place for us to bunker down from the winds.We headed towards Hyden and decided that we would like to see Wave Rock which had been our plan on our York Weekend  Time Spent With Lifelong Friends.  This countryside was full of luscious green wheat fields and rich golden canola fields.  The colours just jumped out at you like a patchwork quilt.

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Karlgarin is a little town of 50 people, it is 320kms from Perth and only 21kms from Wave Rock, Tressie’s Caravan Park was our choice for the night.  Merv and Laurie were absolutley lovely, friendly, helpful and full of information on the area.  They were retired farmers and had built this park to give Merv something to do while their son ran the farm. During the day Merv tends the office and also runs a tour twice a day of his Museum of collectibles and memorabilia.

Tressie's CP, Karlgarin.

Tressie’s CP, Karlgarin.

We booked a cabin for the night, due to the weather, as it was too windy to safely set up the camper.  The local Country Club was open for dinner on Thursdays and Fridays and as it was Friday we decided to patronise this little club. When we got to the club there were six of us from Tressie’s in for dinner so we all sat together and had a great old chat. One couple were from Perth, Bob and Gail and the other couple were from Herberton on the Atherton Tablelands, Dennis and Karen.  The meals were plentiful and delicious, everything about the place was good old country hospitality.  After talking to everyone, as we enjoyed the warmth of the fire, the decision was made to stay another night to enable us to see and do everything this area had to offer.

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Saturday morning we set off to Wave Rock where there are several walks to enjoy.  As we drove through Hyden we pulled to see the story of Hyden depicted in a sculpture storyline in the Main Street.Wave Rock is part of a massive granite outcrop known as Hyden Rock, there is also Hippo’s Yawn which is a cave that has been weathered out of its middle. Both walks form a loop of around 3.6kms meandering through the surrounding bush filled with wildlife and wild flowers. On top of Hyden Rock are many rock pools and different rock formations which are Spread throughout the 1.8km walk. The outlook is over a picturesque golf course and next to Hyden dam.

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After all this exercise we took the car for a drive along the road to Kulin which has been aptly name the Tin Horse Highway.  It is scattered with many tin horse sculptures made by the owners of the farms along the road and some really are quite clever. What an awesome day this had turned out to be with lots of surprises along the way.

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While in Kulin we checked out our new trailer but decided to give it a miss even though it already had our name on it as we thought it would definitely make our fuel economy rise on the trip home.



Sunday we travelled to Kalgoorlie on the best gravel road/shortcut ever, 151kms and no traffic the whole time we were on it and it cut 200kms off our trip. We got to Kalgoorlie around 1.30pm just in time to drop by the tourist information centre before it closed.  We grabbed all the details of tours to the Superpit and what was around town to see and do then found a Caravan Park for the next few nights.  Weather was still upsetting our being able to put the camper up so we booked into a cabin for the first night (which was just as well as a storm hit as we were booking in and was pretty hairy with torrential rain and huge winds) then a site for the other two nights with power as it was very cold.

Good to be back in our little home away from home.

Good to be back in our little home away from home.

Monday morning we took a walk along the Main Street, booked into our tour of the pit for Tuesday morning,  I got a haircut at Envy, and am very happy with it, and we took a walk through Hammond Park with its lush green grassed areas, bird avaries and its own miniature Bavarian castle near the pond area.  Such a beautiful park in such an historic town.

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Tuesday morning we had to meet at the Goldrush tours booking centre for our tour of the KCGM Superpit (Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines).   We were kitted out with a reflective orange vest and safety goggles before we got onto our bus, with our tour operator Dan, who was excellent, and headed to the mine.


The Super Pit covers more than 35,000 hectares of leases and is made up of around 260 individual mining leases joined together. Alan Bond was one of the brains behind forming this single large-scale, cost effective operation.  KCGM manages the Super Pit, it produces around 700,000 ounces of gold each year (22,000 kg per year or 60 kg a day).  This pit runs 24 hours a day, 365 a year.  Our tour took us to the boneyard where the retired vehicles, old tyres and scrap metal ends up and the workshops are there too. There is a fuel farm on site with a capacity of 700,000litres, each month they use 5-6 million litres of diesel.  We went to the mill where the gold is extracted from the ore and leaves the plant in gold bullion form then taken back to Perth Mint on commercial flights.  The only part of the mine we couldn’t enter was the floor of the Pit as it is deemed too dangerous for the tours and blasting takes place in this area twice a day.

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After our 2 1/2 hour tour we took a look around the York Hotel in Kalgoorlie, as advised by Dan, for its amazing interior and then returned to the viewing platform at the pit for the 1pm blasting that afternoon.

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After another magical day we did our groceries and returned to the camper for a barbecued rissole dinner and some well earnt rest that night.  Wednesday we were back on the road and on our way across the Nullarbor towards South Australia. Of course that’s another story for later.

Cheers. Xo



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  1. Hi Leanne and Murray, Fabulous wildflowers and I did enjoy seeing the grand old buildings. Barb

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