An Amazing Road with Plenty of Adventure.

Before I begin to write about the Great Ocean Road I need to put in a couple of photos that I forgot to talk about in the last post Victor Harbour to Warrnambool. Just before Port Fairy we drove in to take a look at The Crags, a cultural reserve to do with the aboriginals. The point of interest is not only for the unusual formations of jagged rocks offshore but for the fascinating memorial that has been erected here to four RAAF personnel who lost their lives when their plane went down near here.

On leaving Warrnambool we went for a bit of a scout around to take in some sights. We never just get up and go in a hurry as there is always something of interest in every town we have been through. This morning was no different, we went for a short drive down to Logan’s Beach where we had heard whales were spotted off the coast but no luck for us on this day, might as well go for an early coffe break instead. We took ourselves down to Proudfoots Boathouse on the Hopkins River where we received very friendly service and a lovely cuppa to get us on the road.

From Warrnambool we began our journey along this road we had heard so much about and it wasn’t too long before the first of many diversions would catch our attention, The Bay of Islands and The Bay of Martyrs. What fascinating rock formations we saw here, just popping up in the middle of nowhere with a beautiful beach walk as well.

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Next stop was in Timboon which was an off track diversion but we wanted to check out the brewery and creamery and as they were both in the same place we could kill two birds with one stone.  What we found out is that ice cream here is expensive and no better than what we have previously enjoyed and the scotch was divine but I wasn’t paying $70 a bottle for it, so we hit the road and had a beautiful drive through some very lovely forestation on our way.  Port Campbell was the next town down the road and it was here we stopped and made our lunch while enjoying the scenery. There seemed to be plenty of scenery happening as some car enthusiasts were holding a street meeting with the local police keeping an eye on things and a group of older gentleman were also out for a day on the bikes. Murray didn’t know where to look or point the camera next  there was so much action, he just clicked away and got some good shots.

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Loch Ard Gorge was our next point of interest, another group of rock formations that just seem to appear out of nowhere, there were also a few walks in this area which we enjoyed?  Razorback, what can I say more fascinating formations but this one really caught the eye with its razor sharp edges and its own little natures window, the colours in these rock platforms truly are unreal.

Then it was onto the piece de resistance of this road The 12 Apostles. This place was jam packed with bus loads of people and it was tough to spot the Aussie.  We did the walk to Gibson’s Steps first which was about 4 1/2km round trip which meanders through low lying scrub but on a well appointed track, plus lots of steps down to the beach where you can just see a couple of the Apostles. Absolutley fabulous but boy did I feel the butt workout on those steps after the walk. The place was so crowded and it was hard to get good photos with all the selfie stick owners running around but Murray did well.

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Once back up the top we made our way to the next lookout of the Apostles about a kilometre and half walk out and back. This one was busier than the other one, hardly any room to breathe let alone move. All the buses that were there were loaded up with heaps of Asian tourists and there were lots of other nationalities out there too all jostling to get the best shot of these great monoliths, still difficult to spot the Aussie. Murray did manage to get our own photos and they are pretty special.  What a place!  It is sad to think some of these formations have already dissappeared to piles of rubble but the one that remain are so picturesque and noble.

What a day we had enjoyed, the trip from Warrnambool to Marengo is only 164km, we had taken all day to do it and we didn’t miss a thing.  Just amazing. We had a well earnt rest that night at Marengo Caravan Park enjoying an omelette and salad then a relaxing hot shower before falling into bed satisfied with what we had seen and done.

Monday 29th we passed through Lorne for morning tea plus a walk through town, the drive was all ocean views today on a very windy road right near the ocean with views from every bend.  We stopped off at the famous Bells Beach just before lunch in Torquay while  watching life pass by at a very peaceful beach.  We drove on to Queenscliff  for the night staying at the Ocean Grove Caravan Park which was also peaceful as it was only us and another couple there. It was right on the river with a lovely walking track along the shore where we sat on a bench seat and enjoyed our happy hour on this lovely evening.

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We would be setting sail the next day for Sorrento….and that is another story.

Cheers. Xo



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  1. Jan & John says:

    How fabulous it must be to see the Great Ocean Road.
    Looks like it has recovered down there after the bad bushfires they had.
    John and I hope to travel there at some time to take in the view.
    Great photos, LOL J&J xx

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